Why Pre-Employment Screening Is A Necessity

Pre-employment screening

Choosing employees for a company is easier said than done. Degree certificates and performance in an interview alone cannot stand as a testimony for an employee’s good behaviour and trustworthiness. Customers often assess a company’s credibility based on the way the employees of the company behave. A company’s biggest strength is a group of dedicated and hardworking employees. So, how do you ensure that you only appoint well-deserving employees for the posts? This is done through pre-employment screening. visit us to know more about the pre-employment screening process. Recently, www.business.com published an article about the growing importance of pre-employment screening in today’s business scenario.

It is estimated that, on an average, about 53% employees lie to their employers about their backgrounds to get a job in the company. This alarming rate itself is the best testimony to the necessity of pre-employment screening in companies. Here are some of the great benefits of pre-employment screening that makes it one of the top necessities for a company:

Ensure That Only Qualified Individuals Get The Job
Pre-employment screening helps you in ensuring that only the deserving candidates are chosen for the job. You do not end up making a wrong decision and hiring someone who lies about their details. Most of the applicants tend to give false statements in their resumes to increase their competitive advantage over others. A detailed pre-employment screening helps to identify such lies and filter out those who provided the exact information.

It is observed that candidates tend to lie about their previous employment, years of work experience, the reason for leaving the previous company or about the job title or responsibilities taken in the previous job. People even lie about their education and write about degrees or certificates they never completed. If the employer accidentally believes those lies, then they are hiring a less qualified and less experienced person for a reputable post in their company. This can adversely affect the company and even lead to losses.

All these risks can be easily avoided if the company does a pre-employment screening. This can help in filtering out all those candidates who had lied about their work experiences and education. The pre-employment screening calls up all the references provided by the candidate and enquiries about the candidate’s qualities through a series of questions.

Ensuring Safety Of Workplace
Pre-employment screening also checks out the employee’s and applicant’s criminal backgrounds regularly. This ensures that only well-behaved and trustworthy employees are appointed for the job. Hence, the possibilities of workplace abuse, violence or theft are reduced to a bare minimum. A proper employee screening searches through the state and federal databases for the previous seven years to find out if the candidate has committed any crime or theft.

Protect The Workplace From Drugs
Drug and alcohol abuses are one of the major causes of violence and misbehaviour in a workplace. The pre-employment screening ensures the candidates do not have any alcohol or drug addiction history. Chances of abuses and reduction in productivity due to the usage of drugs or alcohol are hence, minimised. The implementation of a clear-cut drug and alcohol testing policy will help in hiring responsible and hardworking candidates.